I am a passionate animal rights activist and self taught artist based in Belfast, Northern Ireland.


In late 2018 I decided to sit down and draw, the last time I spent a lot of time creating art was in school over 10 years ago! I wanted to start creating art again, however as a vegan I started to wonder about what animal products could be lurking in everyday art supplies. It was a minefield. From Ox gall in watercolours to glue made from rabbit skin to animal bone char in black paint, almost everything contained animal products. This was not ideal, as using these products would not align with my ethics. After some research I managed to source some vegan paints, pencils & paper and finally got to work!


I wanted to use art to raise awareness about animal rights and veganism, and to make people aware of the use of animals in the manufacturing of art supplies. I will be writing about the products I use to create my work, as well as animal rights and veganism - basically everything that inspires me to create, so keep an eye on my blog too!


A percentage of profits will be donated to vegan/animal rights organisations, including Back Into Daylight Animal Sanctuary, Hunt Saboteurs Association, The Save Movement, Sea Shepherd, VKind and more. See my shop for more info!

I absolutely love working on pet portrait commissions - check out my portfolio to see examples and contact me to book yours today! I will transform any non human animal photo into a beautiful piece of art.

Thanks for checking out my website, I hope you enjoy my art as much as I enjoyed creating it!